When you need protection again water damage, waterproof vinyl flooring is perfect. But we also know that with any new flooring comes questions.

You must get the answers you're looking for as you shop. And finding out more can help you make a great decision when you're ready to begin.

Some answers to important questions

What kinds of looks can I get with waterproof flooring?

Appearance is significant, especially when you need to match a specific decor set. And the good news is that these floors offer a wide variety of appearance options.

Waterproof vinyl flooring can mimic natural porcelain tile, stone, or solid hardwood. And each choice brings more options for color, texture, and installation layout.

Are these floors completely waterproof?

Yes, you won't ever have to worry about water damage with these floors. They're constructed with a layered style for stability and performance.

The core layer is completely waterproof, and so is the vinyl. The result is the flooring you can use anywhere dampness and moisture are.

How do I clean waterproof flooring?

It's easy to clean your luxury vinyl flooring, and you'll only need a broom and mop. Sweep up debris and follow with a damp mop for fantastic results.

For added protection, add area rugs or runners. Be sure to ask an associate for more information.

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