Whether your choice is the solid or engineered hardwood version, you can be assured of wood flooring and its natural beauty, charm, and warmth. These floors are versatile, easy to care for, and add value to a property.

Here's how to choose the best one for your needs.

Decide what version you want

Solid wood is one thickness throughout and can be damaged by excess water. Engineered looks solid, but the construction is different.

Engineer is layered, making it stable and better able to handle water. As a result, it appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality.

Do you want an exotic or domestic species?

A domestic species, like oak, maple, or hickory, makes for traditional and warmer engineered or solid hardwood flooring. This wood is harvested in North America.

Exotics, like teak or Brazilian cherry, come from Brazil, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Africa. They are darker, more dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary.

This is when you should also think of plank width. Wider planks are trending but can make a narrow room look smaller.

In that case, you might also consider Random Width Floors. Discuss this at the hardwood flooring company.

Do you have a specific grain pattern in mind?

Logs are cut three ways. Plain sawn is the one we see most often. This is a straight grain with little peaks. Rift-sawn has planks with linear grains, while quarter-sawn boards are a mixture of plain and rift-sawn.

Consider your overall decor

Nothing needs to be an exact match. It does need to coordinate, however. For example, two different flooring types can look good next to each other if the colors coordinate.

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