Elegant and beautiful, hardwood floors never go out of style. Congratulations on deciding on them for your next flooring. You have questions, and we, at Mendel Carpet and Flooring, have answers. A common question that we get has to do with solid versus engineered hardwood.


There is virtually no difference between solid and engineered hardwood when it comes to appearance. Both have that unmistakable sheen and wood luster. They both look the same and carry that classy look into your room. Both add value to your property.


Solid hardwood is a solid piece of plank with the same thickness all the way through. It can vary a little in width or length, but not by much. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is constructed through layers. The top layer, or veneer, is a thin layer of the desired wood species: maple, hickory, cherry, or oak. Under the veneer is a layer of at least three pieces of wood glued together by resin.


Solid hardwood is nailed or glued down to the subfloor, or it fits in tongue and groove. Engineered hardwood has pieces of wood that are in a crosswise pattern. This adds stability to the floor. Engineered hardwood can go down as a floating floor, whereas solid hardwood flooring cannot. Solid hardwood has to be finished, sealed, and stained at the site usually, whereas engineered is generally finished, sealed, and stained at the factory.

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